Jerome Critch - grains industry fellow

Jerome Critch - grains industry fellow

Jerome Critch, Director and Shareholder of Planfarm Marketing WA, has been awarded a unique grains industry fellowship by Grain Trade Australia (GTA) and Nuffield Australia.

Now in its second year, this fellowship offers funding for the successful candidate to travel overseas to explore the global grain value chain, and is available to employees of GTA members and the Nuffield Australia alumni.

At the recent Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC) in Melbourne, Jerome Critch was announced as the 2017 Grain Trade Australia Fellow, from a record number of applicants, and he is looking forward to the experience.

“I am interested in the transparency and access of information relevant to farmers for determining a fair price for their grain, in particular the local supply and demand of grain”, says Jerome.

“My concern is that some buyers and sellers may not be operating within a level playing field which may have an impact on the price signals in the market”, he says.

Jerome will visit several countries with varying levels of sophistication, government intervention and regulation in grain marketing and will meet farmers, buyers and industry members to seek feedback on what systems and technologies are working both poorly and effectively.

“I would like to improve the understanding of how Australian farmers receive prices and price signals for their grain, and also how that compares with other parts of the world. I would also like to investigate other ways the Australian grain industry could be improved”.

“Becoming a GTA Nuffield Fellow will open doors to people with knowledge and experience and by surrounding myself with people of this calibre, will ensure that I am gaining valuable new knowledge”, says Jerome.

GTA Chairman Peter Reading said the fellowship is an excellent opportunity for a someone within the grains industry to travel, study and explore a post farm-gate research project of their choice and report these finding back to the trade and growers nationally.

“GTA is proud to be involved in this real investment in the development of people in the Australian grains industry.

“Jerome will have the opportunity to learn from innovative business practices, develop a global list of networks and return with ideas to assist their business and the domestic grain industry”, he says.

Jodie Dean, CEO of Nuffield Australia, said the organisation was pleased to be managing the fellowship.

“Nuffield Australia has a long standing commitment to continued learning and this post-scholarship opportunity is one of the first of its kind to be offered,” she said.

“Valued at $10,000, the bursary funds overseas travel for Jerome for approximately 4-6 weeks.

“As part of the fellowship, Jerome will be required to provide a written and verbal report for delivery at AGIC 2017 in Melbourne, and the Nuffield Australia National Conference in September in the same year.”