Advances in breeding technologies

Advances in breeding technologies

The QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) is running a series of workshops and field events in the Fitzroy area to assist beef producers to improve their business profitability and land condition.

As part of this Grazing Best Management Practice (BMP) series, a one day producer workshop looking at breeding technologies for beef herds is being held this week (Wednesday 16 August 2017) at Beef Breeding Services Etna Creek Centre, Rockhampton.

The workshop will include demonstrations and presentations by Beef Breeding Services (BBS) and DAF staff, and topics include artificial breeding programs, Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation, breeder management and using Breedplan data in bull selection.

DAF beef extension officer Matt Brown explained that good breeder management and genetic improvement enable better management of grazing pressure.

“Well managed herds can achieve good productivity with less grazing pressure and are able to better handle droughts with less impact on land condition and business viability,” said Mr Brown.

“Genetic improvement is critical to ensuring the ongoing improvement in herd performance that is necessary for business viability and good land management.

“There has been a lot of interest in the Breeding Technologies workshop, with 40 producers registered to attend, so it is now fully booked up. But we may look at doing similar activities later in 2017.

“The workshop is just one of a series of workshops, field days and other activities that are run through the Grazing BMP program in the Fitzroy region every year, on a number of different topics.

“Producers can find out more about the Grazing BMP program and register their interest in upcoming workshops at

“The department is working closely with the Fitzroy Basin Association and AgForce to promote grazing BMP,” he said.

Source: QLD DAF