Angus Rathie celebrates 30 years with Pacific Seeds

Angus Rathie celebrates 30 years with Pacific Seeds

Well-known and well-respected agricultural figure Angus Rathie, is celebrating 30 years of service with Pacific Seeds.

Since joining Pacific Seeds, Angus has grown alongside the company and worn a number of different hats.

Angus, who now fills the role of Processing and Warehousing Manager, started his career as a sales trainee for Northern New South Wales (NSW), but quickly worked his way to Territory Manager for the region and surrounding communities.

Angus said the opportunities available at Pacific Seeds to take on several roles has provided him with an extensive understanding of the agricultural industry.

“Thirty years at the same company may sound boring to some, but I’ve been fortunate enough to hold five or six different roles over that time allowing me to broaden my skills and knowledge, and keep a fresh perspective,” said Angus.

“After a couple of five or six year stretches in Moree and Goondiwindi, I settled in Toowoomba with my family where we have remained since the early 2000’s.

“Regional communities like Goondiwindi and Moree offer a great opportunity, particularly for young people, to cut their teeth in the industry.”

A longstanding career in agribusiness with Pacific Seeds has allowed Angus to watch the industry transform.

“The seed industry is the same in some ways but is definitely different to what it was 30 years ago,” said Angus.

“While the industry has become more complex over the years, a strong focus on providing a high-quality product has always been and continues to be paramount.”

Apart from a strong passion for agriculture, Angus is very community minded.

“Part of the Pacific Seeds philosophy is to be an active part of the community in which we live whether it’s being a member of a show society, service club or involved in local sporting clubs,” said Angus.

“Being a citizen involved in the community is a good thing on both personal and corporate levels. It’s important not to be remote or removed from the community you are living and working in.

“Many of the people I’ve met throughout my career and community involvement have become life-long friends.”

Source: Pacific Seeds

Featured Image: Angus Rathie. Image courtesy of Pacific Seeds