Another Workplace Agreement on Pork CRC Industry Placement Program

Another Workplace Agreement on Pork CRC Industry Placement Program

Veterinarian Stephanie Nicholas, who commenced work in Western Australia this week with Portec Veterinary Services, is the latest in a long line of Pork CRC Industry Placement Program appointments.

Dr Nicholas, who graduated from Murdoch University in December 2015 with Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVMS) and Bachelor of Science Veterinary Biology (BSc), has already completed several externships with Portec.

Portec Principal and veterinarian, Kim Nairn said her appointment would further enhance Portec’s capacity for developing training for Murdoch veterinary students and making more resources available to Australian pork producers to help ensure healthy, sustainable and, hopefully, profitable pig production enterprises.

Since 2007, Portec has designed and delivered the intensive animal industries component of the veterinary undergraduate degree at Murdoch.

“Fellow veterinarian Vanessa Morris, who recently completed her two year Pork CRC IPP internship with Portec, continues to work for us and we’ve been delighted with her input and what she’s delivered for our clients,” Dr Nairn said.

“The Pork CRC IPP program, where Pork CRC financially assists such placements, is a win-win for businesses like Portec and more broadly for the Australian pig industry.”

While completing her degrees at Murdoch, Dr Nicholas received three vice-chancellor commendations and graduated with 17 high distinction and 14 distinction grades.

“Having had a reasonable level of practical experience during my veterinary studies, including at Craig Mostyn Farms, I now look forward to further challenging myself professionally and welcome the opportunity offered by Pork CRC and Portec,” she said.

“Maintaining healthy pigs is vital in producing profitable pigs and that’s my focus.”

Pork CRC CEO Roger Campbell said creating opportunities for graduate students and post-graduates in the workforce by partnering with industry was a cornerstone of the Co-operative Research Centre for High Integrity Australian Pork for the past six years..

“Our Industry Placement Program has underwritten that commitment and we’ve now placed more than a dozen highly credentialed young people in jobs where they not only engage their academic skills and qualifications, but they also add value to their workplace with innovative ideas and refreshing enthusiasm,” Dr Campbell said.

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Featured Image: Veterinarian Stephanie Nicholas with Portec Veterinary Services Principal and fellow veterinarian Kim Nairn. Dr Nicholas is the latest Pork CRC Industry Placement Program appointment.