Drone app - keep skies safe

Drone app - keep skies safe

A new app is being developed to help people flying drones stay safe.

The app will show no-drone zones such as aerodromes, helicopter landing areas and restricted airspace.

These are all areas where it is not safe or legal to fly a drone.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has teamed up with specialist company Drone Complier to develop the smartphone, tablet and web-based app.

The app – called ‘Can I fly there?’ – is due to be launched in May 2017.

Users of the app can see no-drone zones near their current location or enter a location where they want to fly.

The app will be ideal for recreational drone flyers and people operating in the new under two kilogram commercial category.

The app is an important initiative by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to reduce the risk of a mid-air collision between a drone and an aircraft.

It will also flag no-drone zones areas where emergency services such as firefighters are operating.

Drone Complier’s Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Rochat, said that they were excited to have been selected by CASA to develop the app.

“Our software is focused on ensuring simple drone compliance – delivering safety and simplicity for both hobbyist and enterprise customers,” Mr Rochat said.

This article was first published on Leading Agriculture.