Gary Longden new Chairman of Sugar Research Funding Panel

Gary Longden new Chairman of Sugar Research Funding Panel

Sugar Research Australia has announced that Gary Longden is the new Chairman of the SRA Research Funding Panel, and Dr Phillip Jackson and Mr Jeffrey Snoad have joined as new members of the RFP.

Harvest Road, a major Australian food group serving the Asia-Pacific’s growing demand for quality produce, owns Harvey Beef, Western Australia’s largest beef abattoir, and diversified agricultural landholdings covering 1.3 million hectares.

Mr Harvey was most recently the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Interflour Group – one of the world’s largest grain processing companies. He resigned from Interflour in January 2018 to return to his home of Perth after almost 13 years at the helm of the Singapore-based company.

Minderoo Group Chairman Andrew Forrest said Harvest Road was thrilled to announce the appointment of such a dynamic, ambitious executive.

“Greg is a great fit for Harvest Road – a West Australian with a strong understanding of the vast opportunities across the Asia Pacific that the Australian agri-food industry needs to capitalise on,” Mr Forrest said.

“Our goal, through Harvest Road, is to be an Australia agri-food champion and this appointment continues to drive us on that mission.”

Mr Forrest said Mr Harvey’s appointment was a signal of Minderoo’s intention to continue to organically grow its businesses and examine other opportunities.

With 25 years of management experience in international agribusiness, Mr Harvey has a deep knowledge of the global strategies and trends that will determine the future of the food industry.

“Australia already has a significant position in the global food supply chain and there remains enormous potential for Australian agribusinesses in Asia, as both suppliers and investors,” Mr Harvey said.

“I wanted to join Harvest Road Group because I believe it has the reputation and drive necessary to grasp that opportunity. There is a strong team in place and some exciting ideas on the table which I look forward to being involved in.”

Throughout his career Mr Harvey has lived in Cairo, Hong Kong and Singapore, and conducted business in most of the world’s emerging markets.

He is a graduate of the University of Western Australia, Monash University and INSEAD, and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

This story was first published in Leading Agriculture magazine.