Inspirational city girl who forged a life in the bush to speak at Innovation Generation 2019

Inspirational city girl who forged a life in the bush to speak at Innovation Generation 2019

Zoe Carter will speak at 2019’s GrainGrowers Innovation Generation conference taking place in Ballarat 22-24 July 2019.

Zoe grew up in the city but felt the pull of the country life from a young age. Zoe scored her first job on a Merino Stud farm in Wedderburn, Victoria and has never looked back, becoming an advocate for young Australians to become part of the agriculture industry.

Zoe has overcome many challenges in her life, including anxiety and a serious horse-riding accident that left her clinically dead for three minutes, shattered her pelvis and fractured her spine.

The accident also left the lasting effects of short-term memory loss and PTSD that she still battles with. Zoe looks at the accident as a major turning point in her journey and helped shape the positive outlook she has on life today.

The theme of 2019’s conference is ‘Sowing change’. It’s a subject that Zoe identifies with and believes is pertinent to today’s agriculture industry. “Times are always changing, but the industry has not always been keeping up, so being open to change is necessary for agricultural industries to advance. Sowing change is about taking the steps to make the difference, whether it’s technology or practice, we have to keep up with the world around us” Zoe said.

Zoe is excited to hear from the other speakers who will be at Innovation Generation and about connecting with other young farmers within the industry. “It’s one thing to work in the industry, but it’s really important that young people are coming along to these sorts of events to learn from others and also share their knowledge too” Zoe said.

The passionate young farmer hopes sharing her experiences will help inspire others. “I hope to be able to encourage others out there to take those next steps in their career and get more involved in the changing nature of agriculture.”

Source: GrainGrowers