Latest canola tech featuring at field day

Latest canola tech featuring at field day

The latest canola technology is featuring at a major Hyola canola field day held on September 27.

Twelve speakers from seven leading private and government organisations will visit Greenethorpe to discuss the new innovations, including herbicides, seed treatments, foliar fungicides, TruFlex technology and innovative new hybrids.

They will also cover the latest in disease research, drone technology mapping, canola insect IWM research, canola breeding and traits, and agronomic management.

The field day is being run by Pacific Seeds, the producer of Hyola, while guests include BASF, Bayer CropScience, Syngenta, Monsanto, PrecisionHawk and NSW DPI.

Pacific Seeds canola business manager, Justin Kudnig, said spring was an exciting time of year for the oilseed, as Australian companies unveiled improved technologies to growers and agronomists in the paddock.

“One of the biggest drawcards from our point of view is giving NSW growers the chance to see our two new varieties in the field,” he said.

“Spring marks the launch of our new Roundup Ready (RR) hybrid and triazine tolerant (TT) hybrid, which will be available to growers for the 2018 season.

“Hyola 506RR is a mid-season variety with high vigour, yield, oil and blackleg resistance and Hyola 350TT is an early TT variety with high yield and very high blackleg resistance and is adaptable across seasons.

“We’ll have our canola technical manager Karl Schilg and senior canola breeder Dr David Tabah onsite to cover these in depth, as well as myself discussing the commercial applications for the new technologies on display.”

Mr Kudnig said it was also significant to have Monsanto Australia available to discuss its new TruFlex trait herbicide technology.

“TruFlex Technology canola is the second-generation weed control product offering canola growers greater flexibility through an extended application window.

“Monsanto is working with licensees such as Advanta in the seasons leading up to the official commercial launch in future, so this is a great chance to see this material in the field.”

Mr Kudnig said attendees are set to benefit from all of the speakers, who offered a great deal of knowledge in their respective fields.

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Image: Pacific Seeds canola business manager, Justin Kudnig