Pacific Seeds growers dominate Millmerran Show crop competition

Pacific Seeds growers dominate Millmerran Show crop competition

Growers of Pacific Seeds varieties dominated the Millmerran Show field crop competition, winning 11 out of 12 places in the field sorghum category and seven out of eight spots in the field wheat category, including first place in both categories.

The Mundt family at Mundalee, Yandilla, won the sorghum competition for their crop of MR-Buster which yielded 9.461 tonnes per hectare.

Second place was awarded to Michael Hegarty for his 8.804t/ha crop of MR-Bazley grown at Alcheringa, Brookstead.

A crop of MR-Buster grown at Glamiston, Brookstead, won third for Harris Family Trust with a yield of 8.556t/ha.

In the field wheat competition, Michael Hegarty won with a 6.848t/ha crop of Lancer.

Kent Wright secured second place with a crop of Crusader yielding 5.168t/ha.

Michael Hegarty took third with a crop of Reliant yielding 4.907t/ha.

While yield was an important contributor to final scores, points were also awarded for purity, freedom from disease, crop condition, crop evenness and freedom from weeds.

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Pictured: Sorghum winners Jason, Rodney and Colleen Mundt, Mundalee, Yandilla, with Bill Smith, Pacific Seeds.