Pilton growers win both sorghum titles at RASQ crop competition

Pilton growers win both sorghum titles at RASQ crop competition

Pilton growers Phil and Chris Moar have won both the dryland and irrigated sorghum titles at 2018’s Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland (RASQ) Queensland Country Life Grains Outlook crop competition.

Their irrigated crop of MR-Scorpio scored 170 points and their dryland MR-Scorpio received 152.6 points at an official presentation ceremony at the Heritage Bank Toowoomba Royal Show on Friday 13th of April.

The Pacific Seeds variety yielded 9.932 tonnes per hectare under irrigation and 9.44t/ha in rain-fed conditions.

The annual event showcases the best summer and winter crops harvested in the previous year on the Darling Downs, including wheat, barley, sorghum, corn, sunflower, cotton, soybean, triticale, canary and chickpea.

In the field wheat competition, the champion title was awarded to Chinchilla farmers Paul and Naureen Gearon for their crop of Flanker which accrued 132.99 points and yielded 3.572t/ha.

Field wheat reserve champion went to Michael Hegarty, Alcheringa, Brookstead, for his 3.705t/ha Lancer crop which was awarded 130.32 points.

Following the Moars in the irrigated sorghum, Bruce and Roslyn Vonhoff from Bethel, Pittsworth, took home second and third for their crops of MR-Scorpio and MR-Apollo.

MR-Scorpio received 161.5 points and yielded 9.438t/ha and MR-Apollo scored 150.8 points and produced 8.809t/ha.

In the dryland sorghum category, second place was claimed by Peterson Farming Co from North Branch, with its crop of MR-Taurus scoring 137.6 points and yielding 8.512t/ha.

Ziesemer Farming Co at Amaroo, Bongeen, won third place with G22 at 126.6 points and a yield of 7.828t/ha.

The champion crop title was awarded to Maydan Feedlot for its irrigated Seamer chickpea crop which yielded 5.489t/ha for 226.7 points.

Bell Family Trust picked up reserve champion crop for dryland Fernside soybeans which yielded 3.796t/ha for 183.7 points.

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