Practical tips for better mouse control

Practical tips for better mouse control

Practical tips for maximising the effectiveness of mouse bait, as well as alternative methods for applying bait at seeding will be two of the key topics covered for grain growers during a mouse control webinar next Wednesday (March 28 2018).

Grain growers, agronomists and industry stakeholders are invited to take part in the one hour webinar hosted by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) in response to concerns about high mouse numbers across grain growing regions of Australia this season.

The webinar will feature a panel of experts and grain growers providing practical tips on mouse control in the paddock, as well as an update on regional threat levels, guides for effective monitoring, and different grower experiences with bait application at seeding time.

GRDC Manager Pests Leigh Nelson said the webinar had been organised in response to grower concerns about the higher than normal levels of mice this autumn.

“Growers are being encouraged to monitor threat levels in their paddocks and bait in the six weeks leading up to planting, as well as during sowing, monitoring the effectiveness of each application,” she said.

“Broad scale application of zinc phosphide bait (at the prescribed rate of one kilogram per hectare) is currently the only method available to growers to control mice in their paddocks.”

However Dr Nelson said the GRDC understood the challenges facing growers and was committed to working with them to overcome issues around mouse control.

“The GRDC and our research partners are working to try to address gaps in knowledge and other challenges through new approaches – to improve the efficacy of zinc phosphide baiting, to better understand mice ecology and no-till systems and develop innovative alternative control tactics,” she said.

“This webinar includes a Q&A session so growers can share tactics and researchers can explain different options currently under investigation, but it is primarily focused on using the tools we have now in the most effective way possible.”

Webinar details
Date: Wednesday, 28 March 2018
Time: 12pm to 1pm, Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Source: GRDC

Featured Image: Steve Henry. Image courtesy of GRDC