Rebates for water smart NSW farmers

Rebates for water smart NSW farmers

The Federal and New South Wales Governments are working together to deliver $12 million in Federal rebates so drought affected livestock farmers can buy and upgrade on-farm water infrastructure.

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud said this rebate will help NSW farmers improve drought resilience.

“Being ready for drought makes a big difference.” Minister Littleproud said.

“Farmers can claim up to 25% of their costs from buying and installing new on-farm infrastructure.

“It’s important we support drought-affected farmers so they can manage their water and prepare for future droughts.

“New water infrastructure will also make farmers more productive after the drought breaks.”

NSW Minister for Regional Water, Niall Blair said we know farmers are doing it tough at the moment and we have and will continue to stand by them every step of the way.

“This rebate will help NSW farmers struggling with drought to manage through this exceptionally dry period and be better prepared for future drought events,” Mr Blair said.

“Water plays a pivotal role in the regional prosperity and long-term growth of our communities.

“Our focus now is on future-proofing the state. That’s why we’re funding urgently-needed works that allow farmers to claim up to 25 per cent of expenses associated with new purchases and installation of new on-farm water infrastructure up to a maximum of $25,000 that will help them now and most importantly, equip them into the future.

“We are taking a forward-thinking approach to ensuring regional communities can and will thrive through smart investment in water infrastructure.”

The On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate scheme can be applied to new purchases and installation of pipes, water storages and water pumps, de-silting dams, and associated power supplies such as generators.

Farmers will be eligible to apply through the NSW government for the rebates which will also cover eligible work undertaken since 1 July 2018.

Source: Australian Government