SA growers promise an exceptional cherry crop ahead

SA growers promise an exceptional cherry crop ahead

South Australian cherry growers Ceravolo Orchards are assuring South Australians there will be an abundance of “fantastic looking, super sweet” cherries on their Christmas tables in 2017.

The Adelaide Hills growers will produce more than 400 tonne of cherries this festive season, with Coles supermarkets to take most of the harvest.

Tony Ceravolo, who runs the fourth-generation orchard alongside wife Sandra and children Joyce and Joseph, said despite recent rains South Australia was having a “really good cherry year”.

“We’ve been really fortunate, the weather has been virtually perfect and the heavy rain we were threatened with a few weeks ago bypassed us,” he said. “We’re seeing cherries that are bigger and sweeter in 2017 than we have in the past five years and we’re excited for Coles customers to enjoy them.”

Coles General Manager Fresh Produce, Brad Gorman said South Australians could look forward to enjoying delicious cherries from the Ceravolos on their Christmas tables in 2017.

“The Ceravolos have been supplying Coles with high quality produce for around 50 years and we’re pleased they’ve had an exceptional crop this year,” he said. “They’ve had just the right amount of rain across the Mt Lofty Ranges which has helped them to be able to produce high quality delicious cherries for our customers.”

Source: Ceravolo Orchards