Scholarships for the cane industry’s emerging leaders

Scholarships for the cane industry’s emerging leaders

Tomorrow’s leaders of Australia’s sugarcane industry are encouraged to apply for one of six scholarships on offer from CANEGROWERS and help build a strong and sustainable farming future for all.

CANEGROWERS CEO Dan Galligan said the organisation was proud to sponsor participants to attend one of two programs being offered by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF).

“These programs aim to develop courageous and influential grower leaders for our industry,” Mr Galligan said.

Three scholarships are available for the Training Rural Australians In Leadership (TRAIL) program and another three for the Agribusiness Leadership Program.

“These scholarships are an important investment in one of our industry’s most valuable resources – the men and women of Australia’s sugarcane industry,” Mr Galligan said.

CANEGROWERS Bundaberg director Kelvin Griffin, who participated in an ARLF program some years ago, said the opportunities to share information across industry sectors and the networks he established with other leaders were invaluable.

“The TRAIL program is an opportunity for the emerging leaders and younger people in our industry to broaden their perspectives, learn from other industries and understand the importance of leadership for the future of our industry,” Mr Griffin said.[DG1]

TRAIL is a one-week challenge-based program in Canberra from Sunday 7 October to Monday 15 October 2018. Applications are open now and will close on Friday 31 August 2018.

The Agribusiness Leadership Program will take place in 2019 and involves two face-to-face and one online session over a 12-week period. The program is about developing personal and professional skills, a better understanding of sector challenges and collaborating with peers.

“The TRAIL program is a fantastic opportunity for our emerging rural leaders who want to increase their leadership knowledge, meet new role models and develop a supportive network,” Mr Galligan said.

“The Leadership Program can offer new pathways and opportunities for leaders to network and learn from their peers, and to develop their leadership, communication and negotiation skills,” he said.

“Both programs are fantastic opportunities for our next leaders to grow and learn, and then bring that knowledge and expertise back to their communities and local industries in order to build a stronger and more sustainable farming future for all of us.”

The Scholarships are offered with assistance from the Federal Government’s Agricultural Industries Fund which supports national agricultural industry organisations to develop leadership capability.