Seeds of Renewal grants growing resilience in rural Australia

Seeds of Renewal grants growing resilience in rural Australia

The ANZ Seeds of Renewal program, which aims to help build vibrant and sustainable rural communities, is now accepting applications for a share of $A250,000 in funding.

Administered by the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR), since 2003 the program has distributed nearly $4.6 million to more than 800 community groups to support local projects that promote the ongoing prosperity of regional Australia.

In 2018, ANZ is seeking applications from community groups in regions with fewer than 15,000 people, working on initiatives focused on:

  1. Building economic strength and sustainability (including vocational education and training with a focus on employment and addressing barriers to employment such as financial literacy and inclusion);
  2. Acting on environmental challenges and opportunities, recognising the relationship between healthy environments and social and economic prosperity;
  3. Supporting lifelong learning, education and training, with a focus on fostering school engagement; or
  4. Promoting community health and social wellbeing, with a focus on promoting community cohesion and engagement.

FRRR Chief Executive Officer, Natalie Egleton said that the ANZ Seeds of Renewal grants are a great opportunity for community groups to seek the funding they need to make their ideas a reality.

“Rural communities know what needs to change to create opportunities and make their communities strong. This program is deliberately flexible and allows local leaders to seek funding for whatever will make their community prosperous. In the past, we’ve funded everything from creating educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth, to public wi-fi infrastructure and the preservation and sharing of Indigenous history.”

In 2017, Thallon Progress Association in Queensland received a $10,000 ANZ Seeds of Renewal grant to improve visitor experience. Signage, landscaping at the popular campground and an audit of social media activity were all undertaken to support increased tourism in the area. This includes the Thallon Silos Mural and ‘William’, a giant sculpture of a critically endangered northern hairy-nosed wombat, which is indigenous to the area.

ANZ Business Banking General Manager, Isaac Rankin, said that a belief in the importance of vibrant, inclusive and sustainable rural and regional communities is at the core of this program.

“Raising funds in small communities can be challenging and given regional Australia contributes around one third of national output and is home to 8.8 million Australians, we’re passionate about supporting projects that can make a real difference to people living in regional communities.”

Technology plays a vital role in connecting rural and regional Australia and once again, Lenovo – ANZ’s technology partner – is lending its support, offering up to three Lenovo 13 inch Yoga 730 devices to eligible community projects, in lieu of cash grants. This means community groups can apply for a cash grant or for IT equipment.

To apply, download the guidelines by visiting the ANZ Seeds of Renewal page and then apply online. Applications close 17 August 2018.

Source: FRRR

Featured Image: Thallon signage funded via ANZ Seeds of Renewal. Image courtesy of FRRR