Unique opportunity to help drive grain profitability

Unique opportunity to help drive grain profitability

Western Australian growers and industry representatives have a unique opportunity to help drive the profitability of grain growing in their local port zone.

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is calling for expressions of interest from growers and industry stakeholders to be part of its western Regional Cropping Solutions Network (RCSN) groups.

“The GRDC’s five western RCSN groups – representing WA’s Geraldton, Kwinana East, Kwinana West, Albany and Esperance grain receival port zones – are an important link in the GRDC’s ability to effect changes at a paddock level and boost grower returns,” GRDC RCSN coordinator Julianne Hill said.

“RCSN groups are made up of 60 growers and industry representatives, who are selected based on their skillsets and geographical locations, with 12 members in each port zone.

“Members are important in the process of identifying and prioritising research and development issues that impact on the profitability of growers in their region.

“The information that RCSN members provide is fed into the investment planning cycle of the GRDC’s Western Regional Panel, which has the role of helping to ensure GRDC investments are focused on delivering enduring profitability to grain growers.”

RCSN representatives meet twice a year in their port zone, with each meeting typically spread across one or two days. They are paid a sitting fee for their time and accommodation and meals are supplied.

The next meeting dates for each RCSN group are in July and August 2018.

The GRDC is looking to fill the following positions that have been made vacant, due to members stepping down at the conclusion of their two-year term:

  • Three representatives for Kwinana West (two growers and one agribusiness)
  • Four representatives for Kwinana East (three growers and one agribusiness)
  • Two representatives for Albany (one grower and one agribusiness)
  • Two representatives for Esperance (two growers)
  • Two representatives for Geraldton (two agribusiness).

RCSN members represent their region and it is anticipated applicants will have good linkages in the port zone they are applying for. Those interested in applying are encouraged to visit the western region RCSN website for further information or to download an application form. The closing date for applications is April 23, 2018 (close-of-business).

Source: GRDC

Featured Image: The GRDC’s Geraldton port zone RCSN members at a meeting in 2018 – developing top issues they had identified as affecting the profitability of grain growing in their port zone. Photo by Julianne Hill.