Water infrastructure funding for SA welcomed

Water infrastructure funding for SA welcomed

South Australian vegetable grower body AUSVEG SA has welcomed the announcement of $45.6 million in Australian Government funding for water infrastructure in Adelaide’s North as part of the $500 million National Water Infrastructure Development Fund.

The landmark investment, announced by Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and South Australian Senators Anne Ruston and Simon Birmingham, is estimated to deliver a further 3,700 jobs to prime horticultural growing areas in Adelaide’s North.

AUSVEG SA has been pushing for much needed water infrastructure for Northern Adelaide Plains growers for a number of years and State Manager Jordan Brooke-Barnett welcomed the announcement as a big win for SA horticulture producers.

“This is a once-in-a-generation investment that has potential to grow our industry into the future,” said Mr Brooke-Barnett.

“High value horticulture is already worth over $1 billion to South Australia per annum at the farm gate, and is poised to grow further with these strategic investments in water infrastructure and growing export markets in Asia.”

This announcement of Federal Government funding builds on existing money allocated at the state level and will significantly expand the scale of investment in infrastructure. The total project will result in nearly doubling the $350 million in existing production on the Northern Adelaide Plains due to increased investment in areas like high value protected cropping, tree crops and field production.

“AUSVEG SA is thankful that South Australian horticulture has leading advocates in the Australian Government who understand the value of our industry to the state economy and are committed to providing our industry with the capacity to grow exponentially into the future,” said Mr Brooke-Barnett.

“Horticulture is poised to grow significantly as a result of this investment and provide significant employment outcomes at a challenging time for our state.”

Source: AUSVEG