Well-known agri face celebrates 30 years working with Darling Downs community

Well-known agri face celebrates 30 years working with Darling Downs community

Loving what you do is the key to happiness, according to Bill Smith – who just celebrated 30 years of work in the Central and Southern Darling Downs communities on behalf of Pacific Seeds.

“I’ve seen a lot of industry change over that time but a lot of the work I do is still done the same way it was 30 years ago – and that’s about building relationships and trust,” Bill said.

“I’ve been fortunate to have a role that I love. A lot of the time, I don’t call what I do work, it’s truly a passion of mine.”

Bill, who enjoys his photography almost as much as his work as territory manager at Pacific Seeds, said he had become well known for the photos he’s taken of the communities he works in.

“I take a lot of photos when I see my customers, often capturing the beauty of the landscape they work in,” he said.

“They know that when I do, they can expect a printed picture in the mail a week later and they appreciate that.

“When I go and meet with customers, I also like to take them a coffee or a chocolate cake. Everyone likes to have something brought to them, it’s a wonderful way to start a meeting.

“I’m in the business of relationship building. I look after 2,000 farmers and I know the value of every one of them. It’s about respect and trust – that’s the way I do it.”

Advanta Seeds (which produces and supplies Pacific Seeds products) Managing Director Nick Gardner thanked Bill for the tireless work he’s done in building relationships with farmers across the state.

“The ongoing success of our business has had a lot to do with Bill and his team, and the work they do day in, day out to work with the farming community,” Mr Gardner said.

“We hear a lot from farmers that they value being able to ring Bill and have a chat about our products and services.

“We know he values every community he works in and we thank him for working so hard over the last three decades.”

Bill will be honoured with an award at a ceremony at Pacific Seeds on 21 September.

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Image: Bill Smith, Shannon Mayo, and Pauline Twidale